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About Webthang

Firstly, welcome to Webthang, one of the most popular programming and tutorial sites for web developers on the net. Webthang was started in 1999 by Gordon Knapp, since then Webthang has grown to be a very well known and respected site serving up to one million users per year and with more tutorials and resources than you could shake a stick at!

Sadly, in January 2006, Gordon passed away after a brave fight against cancer, he will be sorely missed as it was he alone who progressed this site from being a hobby site for himself to the vast resource it has become today. His work will continue. Webthang is now run by some of its most helpful members and we hope to continue in Gordons footsteps by making this site one of the best resources of its kind on the web.

Here are a few words from the man himself...

"I started WebThang just over 6 years ago in late 1999. I never had any intention of it growing to huge proportions and have always tried to keep it as friendly and uncomplicated as possible. The site now contains over 170 tutorials and is visited by over 1,000,000 people a year. It is currently listed in the top 100,000 web sites on "Alexa".

If you are a new visitor to the site, please take some time to read through the Tutorials navigation section. Virtually everything that Dreamweaver is capable of (using ASP) is covered there. If you work through the tutorials you will gain much valuable knowledge and all for free!"

Webthang is going to remain and continue to be built upon with new tutorials and resources. The ever helpful forum is still running and still as helpful as always, so we would encourage you to pay it a visit.

While you are here, be sure to check out some of the banners that are placed on the site, web hosting can be an expensive business when you are providing over 200 tutorials, we make a little bit of revenue from click throughs, so do please click them if one catches your eye.

Check out the CONTRIBUTE and ADVERTISING sections from the main menu if you are wanting to help more. We strive on providing the very best content for our users and BY our users. If you have know your subject well and would be happy to contribute some tutorials to the site, we would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, thanks for taking the time to read this, now go and enjoy the site.