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the surface of the trunk. Certain areas of skin, as on the hand, may

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the hour together from a public platform to a crowd of gap-

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■of the interossei ; thus, from the cone-like shape, it has been called " the

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symptom), may occur as the aura of an attack, and hallucinations of

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tion, ansesthetic ; or, in the sphere of memory, anamnesic. And, since

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chapter referred to. I may add that neurasthenics, although they may

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follow the sound of a verbal question, they are likely to be accompanied

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and pigmentation behind it. Moreover, it tends to block the follicles,

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himself ; even if he have placed himself under control and provided that

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advances, the tendency is for the outbreaks to recur at shorter intervals,

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it may be deficient in hydrochloric acid, or the acid may be in excess. I

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These symptoms may arise spontaneously, as it seems, in untreated

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stage. In one of my cases the temperature rose till the time of death,

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to our knowledge of spasm to suppose that clonic spasm, occurring in

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exudative erythema. Hence it is said that E. multiforme (that is, in

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attack the eyebrows, lashes, or vibrissas of the nose, and also the coarse

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may evoke tetany in young children, for the mechanical irritability of

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constitute the crime of treason ; and the perception by the community of

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of this subject in its proper light. It is worthy of notice that two

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through the mother. Treatment consists of an improved

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says Addison, in the Spectator, No. 25, "he contrived a cer-

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may persist ; or an unconsciousness which may give rise- to some per-

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are referring to, talking against, or maligning the sufferer. Imperfect

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simum, and characterised by brownish patches and slight itching. The

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visited and examined by two medical men, and the justice, if satisfied

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These hallucinations appear to be common in children up to the age