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is against pushing things to an extremity. It is with the ex

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cuboid and outer cuneiform bones. In normal individuals this

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at the same time provides an escape for the pent up inflammatory

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body and the heat lost. Heat is gained to the body by

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questioned at this day. Independently of the facts contained

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injury from a fall and rendering an operation necessary.

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togamic plants i.e. they have no blossoms but many of

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duty for some months its respiratory muscles work well the moment it is

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ject of puerperal neuritis which is treated at some length in

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amined by smearing on a shde fixing by heat and staining by the

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pleasure of reviewing his first edition and we recog

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child high up in the uterus and the cord pulseless. The child

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Hj pertrophy the result of copious eer drinking is observed mostly in

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was the acme of the disease. Upon the following day all the phenomena

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tion of blood to the brain. Hysteria may call for vale

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Dr. Elliotson thought that the uterus was in a state of inflam

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considerable effects in many cutaneous diseases. Whenever

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recognized. We will be guarded in the main by the age

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extending force is determined by two factors and these

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the cornea and conjunctiva are complete and positive though

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ing somewhat singular cas The patient was a girl seventeen years

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been termed by Marinesco kinetoplasm. The changes that this

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of living or in females some menstrual disturbance

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hands and feet. After living for months or years in this state the

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upon the seat and nature of this lesion and in some

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may be asked Are there micro organisms which can be regarded as

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treatment. Disease at the fourth and fifth lumbar verte

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into the matter lately more particularly he found that when both

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studied. Thus such trite matters as dreams somnambulism

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muscles below externally by the plantaris and outer head of the gastroc

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which is easy of reference and reliable. There are many refer

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population from consumption and other tuberculous diseases

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progress been so rapid or visible results so remarkable as in

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ing essentially new only the correction of some errors of

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five injections etc. The. method is also of use in pyogenic in

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process of developing departmental regulations governing such activities.