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arrangement, chargeable upon the circumstances in which he was

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the time the foetus was expelled. The influence of atmospheric

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of malaria, is heat; for, in proportion as the equatorial regions are approached,

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the breath and sputa without any danger w^hatever. Sometimes in bronchi-

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and .slightly asymmetrical in front, the left side being smaller than the right

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four to forty-eight hours in the incubator all the urobilin will be

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all that is required. After the first knot is made, the surgeon passes his

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author, througli a private channel, that the expense attendant upon such

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much weaker than with the digestive. — Ibid, July 12th, 1834.

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illustrative of the plates, and both are intended chiefly to elucidate the causes

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years and over from their initial symptom. In these patients, loss

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knocking within the head; her sight was perfect, and the colour of the eye

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absolutely normal livers. The remainder showed coccidiosis, and

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per vaginam of about a palett of blood, followed by fainting.

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assertions will of course think favourably; but it cannot be denied that

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accumulation of venous blood; and from the former it could be squeezed as

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given patient, and to enable him to do the same, it is often very

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virus with such a wide distribution and so generally diffused

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time is enormous as compared with the quantity introduced

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referred. Clinical No. 881. Complaint: "Spells of coughing."

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ficulty, and was carried by its parents to Ireland, where it became con-

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Case XXI. — Period of observation from October 3, 1912, to December

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cause that increases the convexity of the diaphragm will place it at a

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doubt, at least, that the sympathy of the brain with the respiratory system is

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the clavicle. Much against my wish, M. Laugier followed M. Lisfranc's mode of

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tubercles'? We answer, nothing! — and, on the other hand, we know that ab-

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sideration. The cases of unusual duration have been subjected

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advice of a physician, gave him an emetic, and, during his efforts in vomiting, co-

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Then the benzol was increased to 300 drops a day until December 27,

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evidence of it. At the end of a year, during which time every resource,

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the inner part of the forearm near the elbow, which, (quere, the elbuw?) should

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On April 23, on account of another exacerbation of fever, sweats, and