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pezius muscle. It therefore occupies the lower part of the cheek
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Bender, Lauretta, s, a, w, sp, La Grange. Stanford U.; S.B. '22, S.M. '23.
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quently leads the mother to apprehend danger. In such cases we have used
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sonalities, and by their enthusiasm attract the student. This is the
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of the Convent of Mercy, Big Rapids, Mich., aged forty-seven. Gen-
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of Chios wrote an epigram on Aristotle, wherein he'
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V. Edited by J. Ewing Mears, M.D., recorder of the Associa-
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This "Supplement" is a useful addendum to the author's
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to be a biologic law that when a cell in the animal body is permeated
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spiration, tremor in the limbs, emaciation, and marked nervous excita-
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the turns and pass the unrolled part of the bandage under the turn
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Rat Proofing' and its Practical Application to the Construction and Repair
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is a matter which will be determined largely by personal choice, based upon
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influence of alkali manufacturers in local subordinate courts,
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is perfect we have no wish to assert, but neither is any of its compeers ; and
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a violent train of symptoms called "coup de soliel."
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Deaths reported 2,388 ; under five years of age 696 ; principal
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1. The livers of animals restricted to flesh diet possess the power of
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Commanding Military Hospital, Imtarfa, Malta, for permission to
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Howard, formerly of this city, has been the princi-
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intention to occupy for a few moments the attention of the Academy
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The chemotactic agent can now be brought into application in
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If the tissues lying directly underneath the papule be delicately grasped be-
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in Boston, was as follows, according to observations furnished
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only. It is now well known that a patient cannot omit his dose
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with it a large quantity of dark faecal matter, containing several balls
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' Stretching of the Pueumogastric Nerve. M. JabonUy, Xew York
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died should be burned. If the calf lives it should be kept in a
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of the subject he could not find the record of any distinct
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