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Royal Flying Corps squadrons have a special nllotment of leave which gives

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who have intestinal disorders, and it is conceivable that

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mod.. Par., 1896, vii, 457. Also: Rev. prat. d. trav. de

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144. Schistosomum haematobium. (After Looss, from Mense's ' Tro-

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tion, and considerable doubt began to be expressed if it was confined

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the reduction In the plane of activity of those parts of the organism

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attacked if the diet is improper, and the reason why so many infants re-

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printed matter in order to ascertain the amount and character of the labour

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to an epileptic family. After mentioning several other

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pleased to say, came to a most favourable termination.

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quoted throughout the literature on this subject, are

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form in the bladder, primarily, very slowly ; or, a gravel

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Dear sir— you will see by enclosed circular that I am en-

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does not seem to apply to faith-healers, mind-curers, and Chris-

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used in Germany is a useful adjunct in the fight against tuberculosis.

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real differences, if such exist, in the clinical ^ of the probable yield of an acre of canes of

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'■ Berard and Barjavel: Presse Mfdicale. Oct. 7, 1915, No. 47.

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within the meaning of sec. 102.42 (1) Wis. Stats.: that

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The Problems and Tendencies of Our Profession, by Dr. E. T.

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"It may then be concluded: (1) That uric acid, as a causative

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ordinary form. The two sphincter nuclei are doubly connected, for

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mittee, because in dealing with property there is no person going to wait until the meeting

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