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tite is returning slowly; Liebig*s extract of meat was given. 3 p. m.: Pulse, 96; tempera-

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than anywhere else ; she has relatives living there. She spent a winter

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oppressed before satiety is induced; but satiety is our only physiologi-


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a low urinary toxicity both before and after the attack.

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differentiation. 48 Variants of ATLL showing a suppressor

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whether it depends upon a morbid condition of the blood, which

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nd in other situations. Peyer's glands and the follicles of ]3runner are

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The amendment was supported by Earl Grosvenor, Colonel

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to hold the excess weight put upon them (see Fig. 12). Cross strain

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fascia, rectus muscle and peritoneum. A careful examination is now

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hour that will not interfere with the exercises in the

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Chloride of Zinc, Sulphate of Zinc and Nitrate of Zinc, as

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branches of therapy, which are denoted in the name of the

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tant and a mitral direct murmur, with considerable cardiac enlargement.

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Upon post-mortem examination, the lymphatic glands were found uni-

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J. W. Allan, was appointed in August, 1875, and has con-

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