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parasite is carried along until it reaches a narrow place in a capillary.

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per cent. No normoblasts were found. There was no splenic

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urobilin reappeared after an interval in the stools.

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5. Piokowsky. Statistik der in Krankenhause St. Jakob in Leipzig wahrend der

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Fresh urine. After 24 hours in dark. After 24 hours in room light.

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von Pirquet test was negative on two occasions. The skiagram (Fig. 4)

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canal and in the blood, it would seem "that no further difficulty would

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exclusively to the general consideration of disease, without reference to the

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careful autopsies made on the animals of the Soldiers' Home,

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While the authors have made no systematic attempt to find

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admission to the hospital, with pain in the thigh, swelling, and limping,

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Rede am 2 Januar, 1841, als dem 25jilhrigen Stiftungstnge des arztlichen Vereins

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physiological differences between the blood of the vena porta, and that of the ar-

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The liver or spleen is generally increased in size, not unfrequently

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of the nervous centres is merely symptomatic of disease affecting some

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ous lesions of the phenomena of the life of relation. In the most violent form

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practical treatise on any topic of his art, he is not eminently fitted for composing

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These measurements were taken in the recumbent posture. When

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ference, in the middle, and six at the larger extremity. The tug-iron

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ment is required as in rapidly advancing tabes or paresis, or where

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head, and remained for nearly a minute in a state of insensibility. In other

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produced or found in the intestines, poisons which probably play

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animal gives signs of suffering at the moment of division of the nerves, and the

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decade higher; while for the women, a median of fifty to fifty-nine

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deposit is on a free surface, or in a loose cellular texture, then the