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diseases when the action of the heart is irregular or intermit-
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mouth. This second stage soon yields to that of coma. In
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human and monkey sources already mentioned possess common
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serum or a sero-sanguinolent fluid, varying in quantity from
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ance. Sometimes colicky pains accompanied by diarrhoea.
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almost mental wrecks, but I have never seen any deleterious
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for the kindly action of the medicine. No one in his senses
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or possibly it is less in volume than usual. It is only when tested
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the patient complains of very much more local tenderness than
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piration and circulation had become so serious as to cause
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eruption is influenced by the temperament and peculiari-
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suggest the lines along which such study is most likely to prove
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The Pathology of the Thyroid in Exophthalmic Goitre. By Louis B.
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usually very visible, especially when the arm is raised. This
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exalted sensibility and arterial throbbing. In some cases, espe-
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Usual Prescription. — 1£ Nepeta cataria, 5i; water, §iv.
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as a cholagogue with excellent results, and in pharyngitis it has
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It has given much satisfaction thus far, and is likely to prove
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of November last, giving his experience with Woorara in the treatment
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mebendazole or albendazole anti-parasitic medication
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"Nowadays the specific medicine is in common use, and may
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isolate this collection of nervous diseases, as a distinct morbid element.
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dent. The ulcer has for some time been steadily healing;