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type has been recognised by Charcot, Marie, and Muchin. Sachs is

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Davies, "Medici," Epigraphische Studien 8 [1969]: 86), one assumes

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a tendency to twitching of the opposite arm. It was described as being like the

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One interesting passage in the book refers to the alcoholic

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vated in gardens, in Europe and in this country. The

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injured. But neither the public nor the Profes-sional mind is

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248 On the Mercurial Treatment of Yellow Fever. [July,

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bloody, but has not the rusty appearance of the sputa of croupous

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cidedly antiseptic action. — Virginia Medical Semi-

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etc) will not get good results. The reporter has threshed this

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cohtis, the principal features being the pigmentation of the bone-

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Medusoe, by which portal blood reaches the superficial

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days. Some dullness remains at apex and over lower lobe, and at the angle

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mails to defraud, has pleaded guilty on the seven in-

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heal the sinuses, cause the defect to be closed by granulation

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The most important practical result of the experiments made

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milk could be safely substituted for cleanliness in its collection

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powers of walking, crawling, or sitting. The bones of the head and &ce

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spectus which has been issued by the Keble Memorial Committee that the

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latter was kept in place for three months, and the patient

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with the secondary operation than the primary. Lots of the men say

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in direct contact with fever patients, or within the concentrated poison

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from the Lectures and Writings of the mofl eminent Public

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80. Balfe BE, Boyle JF, Brocki SJ, et al: A health policy agenda for the Amer-

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Our author has often seen death occasioned by injudicious venesection.

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succeed. Thus you never have at any time foul discharges

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ports indicate that cholera will prevail in Europe during

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ger, around which the fibrous membrane of the pericardium

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are, of course, cases who are advised to take the mixture at two-

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vention and protection, including proper means of egress,

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opinions. Attempts to obtain culture of micro-organisms from the blood,

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tion of those who have lived for a long time in the tropics to the damage done the

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always be ■ matter of anxious consideration. At lirst, it is more or less

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about a year after the operation. She had been much relieved

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In: Lab. sper. e sez. clin. d. patol. spec. med. d.r. Univ.