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erythema ; but in the severer cases there is ulceration of the mucous

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only with the greatest circumspection. Frequently repeated hot foot-

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not fuffice ; it mufl:be cut through and drawn away,

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been preferred in feverifh diforders ? Have the pur-

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Empyema was a condition well known to the ancients and

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organ. There it assumes a spherical or oval shape, becomes encapsulated,

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vanilh intirely, the creature dies ; if, on the con-

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generally, indicate, almost invariably, abscess of the liver.

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their appearance. I should like to especially mention, however, the

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tension involve the naso-lachrymal duct and the conjunctiva.

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peritoneum or of the peritoneal lymphatic glands is uncommon. When

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neglected eye conditions such as strabismus, high myopia and astig-

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gastrium, often underneath the sternum and sometimes widely diffused

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or two weeks, and continues from a few weeks to several months. Suppura-

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usually in persons beyond middle age, from 50 to 75 years of age. Cases,

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Chronic pain in the back may be divided into four main classes.

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characteristic tubercles in the scrapings, is the only certain means of

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persist, now reverts to a condition of comparative comfort. This apyretic

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chronic symptoms are also toxic. Lastly, both cirrhosis of the liver or

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adults of any age. There is some evidence as to a late association with

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fundus changes may be insidious with practically no subjective symptoms

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muco-purulent discharge. An eruption of papules may now appear on the

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scalp. Perfect recovery follows efficient treatment.

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You have heard Colonel Dercle's dramatic remark that in the

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lesions by pyogenic organisms, by which are produced the pustular and