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tual action of the bowels. A minute dose of strychnia or mix vomica,

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large hydronephrotic sac sometimes consists of a single cavity. Usually,

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seem that if the spinal cord of a rabbit be cut in the

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rangement, ample and sound in its practical details, language which can make any just pretensions to

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the patient seemed to undergo a revolution ; her face even be-

alternatives to propecia for hair loss

ful purgatives, with alcoholic compounds; we should not now

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diminished volume and by spirts. The quantity evacu-

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of the bone-cartilage plays an important part. The lime salts are

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ed. Some brief observations are offered on the subject of

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was derived from a seafaring population, I was often struck with the fact

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l)e detected. The ca|)sides of the nerve-cells apjieared

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The anterior cerebral artery of the right .side was

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among patients treated at hospitals and dispensaries, but more especially

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Alcohol is fraught with peculiar dangers to those who

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from its supposed j)ower of rendering soluble the animal Jhiids.

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The diet is very important. As a rule, fried food, condiments,

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[ComiDQntcated for the BmIob Medical and Surfical Jmirnal.]

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racch;.-ropp, dextrine, sorcite, inulin, n^nncse and duicite.