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The " Medical Annual " is a record and review of the year's

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stage of the disease between the first copious dejection and the collapse,

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here deals with the eminently practical subject of economical diet.


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both the cysts and the worms may become calcified, i. e. , lime salts

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observations which must be interpreted as dependent upon neuritis.

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provide members with information on anti-trust concerns,

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16°. New Yorlc, O. S. Fowler, [1845, vel suhseq.^.

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congestion of the brain, redness of the conjunctivae, suffusion of

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I agreed in his diagnosis. I said I could see no damage or trace

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several, if not many, undifferentiated specific fevers

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man\' manuals in print, but few are really adapted to the general

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this report : One section contains epithelial cells

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productive of harmful pressure upon important vessels

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was 104f . Quinia, sponging, etc., was again tried, with success,

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color. The eruption having reached the maximum of intensity, remains

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advanced knowledge, accurate to the extreme of refinement, and artistic to

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