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abdomen will tend to give more room, and thus permanently relieve
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These tumors, in the literal, narrow sense of swellings, may
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stomach by a foreign body in an infant seven weeks old, Botch, T.
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meals are irregular, and he is unable to obtain green vegetables, so that,
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on commission, only to find out to their sorrow how overcredu-
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exerting a strain in opposition to that of the hinge, the piece is held in position. The effect of this is to give increased
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On the second day of the menstrual period, the temper-
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the pleural cavity or into the substance of the lung itself.
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pain to enable the patient to sleep. In preference to this,
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itself may be very broad indeed. Let me illustrate what I mean. Professor
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way within the limits of the field of the other, but they never became numer-
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lays the foundation of a loathsome disease which is called
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It is the cancer of the young and of particular organs,
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fever New York 3, Washington 2, Boston, Baltimore, Chelsea
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than three days, although occasionally rabbits may die in less than that
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door Splint for Morbus Coxabivs. Directions for measurements will b«
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chance of the eradication of the disease, than in the case of carcinoma ; yet ampu-
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indisputable fact that many of the most important advances in
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of the sacral pain, from which she had been free after the opera-
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Dr. Parioot has a vacancy for a patient at bla residence.
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former things would be the more bitterly felt because during the period
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sometimes of the fore ones ; is more common in coarse-bred
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Kellner, Aaron. Professor Emeritus of Clinical Pathology.
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The Inspector acting on any information obtained, proceeds to the
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monstrated. Mr. Dubois, late adjunct professor to the Toulouse
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auctions such animals fetch little or nothing. Even for agricul-
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significance which an inscription over the entrance in-
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knoll is a low promontory, half surrounded by marsh,
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Dk. Tii. den said : My experience of electrolysis is
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Trousseau’s syndrome, defined as spontaneous recur-
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gives the drug in fifteen drop doses thrice daily, either alone or
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etherized. As it is dangerous to keep a horse under the full effects
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it can reasonably be expected to give. Further, we would like to
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contained phosphates perhaps in slight excess, was acid in reaction
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Phofessor Behring was put forward was, to say the least of it, unusual.
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The annual meeting of the Corporation is held on the
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inclined ground. A concerted action of the front and rear bearers
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Ayerst, McKenna & Harrison Limited 22 East 40th Street, New York 16, New York