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Illinois State Medical Society, aged 49; died, Decem-

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resins and other jiroducts derived from cedar, fir,

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Of Uie plan of treatment then adopted, and subsequently pursued, you

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member in order to set up a fund similar to the War

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and carbohj'drate, and multiple glandular activity.

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sults, and significance of normal values. One of the

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plicity of authors of reference, of which we may avail our-

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Vitamin-Mineral- Protein supplement powder; and Gevrine* Vitamin-Mineral-Hormone capsule.

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veloping evidence of myocarditis the clinical symptoms

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the Greenock Infirmary, T determined on giving it a farther trial. I cm-

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may be ineffective in stirring the sexual system of

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disease is spiritual,” he said, “the treatment must

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12. Imperatori, C. J. : Stricture of the Esophagus Caused

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Illinois State Medical Society ; for many years mayor

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are fitted to use them ; not, however, as the mere record of

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Harnagel, E. J., Jour, of Urol., 10: 141-147, 1923.

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my care, a patient who, in consequence of severe pelvic or uterine pain,

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“Small Bowel Disease, Including Tumors, Ileitis and