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soid bodies were produced, corresponding to the crescentic bodies seen in human

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In very delicate or feeble children suffering from enuresis I give a motor

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the onset of the crisis, so far as could be made out by physical

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wards, and the patient's carriage comes to resemble that of a person suf-

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Etiology. — Distribution. — Acute poliomyelitis is a disease of wide if

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any such instances. I have indeed often met with " this almost

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accordance with the general law of such correlation, and by

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intelligent keenness and cunning which they possessed before the opera-

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turbed by the noise from tJie street. At the same time she stated that she

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is most useful in the control of symptoms of anxiety and

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He was a little past the half century in age, and had been quite

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simply dissolved in rose-water, in half-grain doses, repeated often in the

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Tuberculosis of the kidney is met with in two distinct chnical forms :

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for it. Under this error the murmur is naturally assumed to be systolic and

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the medical profession by reason of the acknowledged skill and

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carefully watched, was the complete absence of appar-

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hope that at the conclusion of my lectures you may not

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If the disease were not cut short by this method, but advanced

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tion of fats. I Rozpr. . . . wvdz. niatemat. przyr. Aka.l.

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one-half the dose. Keep the bowels moderately loose by repeat-

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weakness which is the nearest to normal for her. The auditory

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think that when tried it will be found that I have in no way

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sary to have performed a great number of extractions ; but with the aid of and

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there may be in favus, as in ringworm, more than one species of parasite.

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Dr Richardson stated that one of the successful cases

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tumors. The same organisms were found in tubercles produced by the

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quite well.' My friend and former colleague. Prof. Rogers, of Louisville,

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where they could be always under the supervision of doctors specially

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foci not only in the bronchi and their immediate sur-

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News, N. Y., 1896, Ixviii, 41.— Pattesou ( R. G. ) Sym-

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hairs ; yet the fungus sometimes attacks the epidermis,

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him in a case recorded in his paper, the distended gall-