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other. The urine was at the same time expelled, leaving on the floor
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latter rarely existing longer than 24 hours, and being the same as those
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vre, my patient told me he would shew me a still surer way.
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nervus aiuiculotemporalis {Aur.T.), the main portion of the N.
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spongiug the body freely with cold water, in addition to ice to the head.
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just given, the vomiting and purging are to be regarded as conservative ;
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semilimar ganglion, and their central processes the dorsal portion
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for the elimination of urea in the cases in which SA^mptoms denoting urae-
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An embolism may occasion, at first, a partial occlusion of the vessel, and
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were exceptions which probably first led anatomists into a more
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from some depressing or debilitating cause or causes is a point having
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which pass through the ganglion without interruption.
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of the trunk, bending the body backward, so that the trunk, head, and
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Paralysis, more or less extensive, affecting the special senses and volun-
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object. Now we cannot with certainty affirm it to be requisite
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other muscles, beside those supplied by the nerve, and the
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with ease ; the suffering is occasionally relieved by exercise. In severe
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noise ; he could speak, too with tolerable distinctness ; but on
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the ftiuces accompanied by more or less swelling of one or both of the
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permitting of decalcification, so that nerve and ganglia might
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portance of a true and perfect vaccination to those who suppose them-
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typhus are more numerous and striking than those of resemblance; and
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lowing chapter, in some of my Bielschowsky preparations the
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ment is, if possible, to diminish the obstruction. It can do no good to
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by anodyne remedies. It remains to be ascertained by experience,
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In the present paper the appearance of the timnel space, the
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Along with these alterations and elongation of the pillar bodies,
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useful in allaj'ing irritability of the stomach. To prevent black vomit,
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icdhrend der Schwangerschaft sich von dtm Bei?ie abloste,
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aflfection, so far as we can judge of its pathological character, is allied to
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be mistaken for apoplexy-. The differential points have been presented in
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which covers the cell-body as well as its processes like a basket
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This affection is connected with, and, probably, dependent on, certain
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at all come under consideration. Attention must especially be
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or four grains. An eff'ect of the prolonged use of this remed}^, in some
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the attention of their acquaintances to the advanta<>es thus ofiered, and that he will
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In other cases the h3^atid tumor continues to grow until it attains to a
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from a series of experiments, which consisted in the division,