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quality may induce it. Sudden atmospheric changes, mental disturbance,

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tinue during a space of fifteen months, when remittent fever pre?

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tion fair. Face pale. Temperature normal. Pulse more than 90. On the back

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ish appearance exists throughout the jejunum and ileum, becoming

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a little injection of the medullary matter ; abdomen normal, the lungs

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ttiifTB.-^^^om being torpid and apathetic became cheerful (cancer of

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objection, and is by no means oflensive to children. Contrary to

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The patient had been healthy until he was about 14 years old, when he con-

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fected joint remains tender and swollen for a week or two longer. This

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were referred certain queries, contained in a circular letter from the

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pupils are dilated. In hypergemia there are loss of memory and hallucina-

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was d6i^. A comparison of this with the same month for thirleen

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their electro-contractility ; there is no loss of sensation in the paralyzed

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trolled by codeine hydrochloride or similar sedatives. To remove the

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ducing a more active mixture than in Series A where the mixture was

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Natural Sciences, is well known to many of the Fellows as a gen-

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suspended, and the voluntary muscles are completely relaxed.

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in each of these cases the type obtained by mouse passage corre-

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same care should be exercised in the arrangment of the sick-room as has

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the febrile symptoms having subsided. Perhaps from indiscretions

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borrowed from the mucous membrane of the rectum^ enveloping a

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gists' Circular, to contain substantially aj^ grains cor-

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to worh in order together no longer do so when even one of them fails.

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and a marked retardation of the coagulation of the blood. This picture is identi-

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was freed of serum by washing and was mixed with equal parts of heterogeneous

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Appearing in the Bile. — It is known that, in general, larger intra-

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right upper lobe, and treatment by artificial pneumothorax was undertaken.

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Indian cholera. Nothing peculiar seems to have existed in its char-

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the brain and cord contain pus, and films show numerous pneumococci and poly-

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II. Spinal Meningitis. X. Chronic Anterior Myelitis.

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pleural tuberculosis, and application of splints for surgical tuberculosis.

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evidence; numerous facts have been adduced which would certainly