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On these occasions, unless we have a due regard to all the circumstances of
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in the dry state, though as a seed, possessing the vital germ,
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tumour can be safely reached. Even although the surgeon may not think
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excellence in medical writers as well as in other literary men, the power,
down to 2 pints, of which a wineglassful may be given four times
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ing irregular practitioners in consultation. The pro-
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which it extends. It may be confined to the tissue immediately surrounding
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Cerebral anemia has so> long been regarded in surgical tradi-
Arsenicum. Very great debility and exhaustion ; the least effort
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the speedy subsidence of the irritation which first pro-
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following the intravenous injection of epinephrin gives information
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which it appears, fkt>m direct experiment, require for their due performance the combined Influence of every part of
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acts on the spinal cord and the brain." Visibly overcome, he
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been known that the pressure of an aneurysm or a tumour may give rise to
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with moderately cold water over one member after the
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This symptom was not present in tubercular disease of the spine, but he had
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chamber; the other, directly from the plaster-of-Paris reflector the
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epileptiform convulsions and even epilepsy have been claimed
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' only dilated, so that the pupil had the foim of a y^
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enucleation the uterine cavity was thoroughly irriga-
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sied by terrific action and gushed-up blood — blood that seems the more out
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view we were induced to renew the attempt. In two or three
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with mucous patches in his throat. In the absence of any other cause, it was quite
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I have prescribed Sanmetto in a large number of cases of genito-uninary
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portions of the body ; as the scrotum, vulva, anus (pruritus scroti,
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substance in persons who had died of comatose intermittent, as well as
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ment of the relation may be to some of us, it is one
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and practice of the regulak allopathic profession or school of
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but when the current is downwards, as in digestion, it closes
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tude, about 60 miles from the coast. We live on a hill 150 feet above the sur-
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di.sappeared, at other times by the high hand when the rightful owners
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In offering this medicine to the public, we introduce the most mild, easy, and certain ca-
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as evolution had none in the monera to commence on.
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crura consists of the great motor or peduncular tract just
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fuperficial, and, as near as can be judged, over its middle. A
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usually found in front of the equator, between it and the ora serrata, and
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Findings on examination included a tonsillar and posterior
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Dr of the coronary arteries of this organ. A fatty condition of the muscular
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same position and leverage required to correct a tilt of
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or in the early spring, or in the cold season. Even here there is much
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very restless at times, requiring to be watched and kept in bed.
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i-jolnt. The aspirated fluid in such case- m.iy or ma\ not be infected,
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of the true nature of magnetic wonders. Diseased excite-
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body, and also such as exert an alterative effect upon the
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twenty grains of pulverized Jallap, was mixed with half a pint of water, and administered