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escape from the surrounding vessels. The filling of the alveoli with such

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tion, varies from a faint to a deep bright yellow ; if the pigment is not

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ing and the severe disease it induces, bilharzia infection becomes a serious

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History and geographical distribution. — The dangers of

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quantity of such fruit is sometimes allowed when a very rigid diet is not

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tumour is present, with or without dilatation. These present the physical

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very first. The pulse is much quickened, and becomes progressively

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Hospital. The reason is probably found in the fact that the average

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same age, size, and stage of development. The parasites of each swarm,

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to half an inch in diameter. They are usually most marked over the

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may be one inch in thickness. The thickening is due chiefly to an increase

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tbingsas the following ball anddeco6liontoftrength-

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indurated and much pigmented, and contracts. Caseation may appear

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Stranguary, (^ in horfes, how to be treated, 171, 173, 174.

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Care should be taken not to mistake foreign bodies, such as fibres of

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tions of the blood have not hitherto yielded any very decided results,

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when there is general miliary tuberculosis. It was noted present in thirty-

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ced in operations, and not truft a matter of this de-

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his voluminous case histories was found the record of a patient relieved

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Ollivier, who, in addition to necrosis of the jaw, exhibited symptoms of

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bl6W a mouthful of wine through this into the palTagc,

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are nearly moribund. This is due in many instances to mistaken diagno-

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(a) In an anaphylactic attack the bronchi are constricted.

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When a nerve injury is missed or inefficiently treated at the

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varying degrees, the capillary tufts, the epithelium of the tubules,

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such call to make a daily attempt at a regular hour, preferably after

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^' to be too long without fait, he leads them to a fpot

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ccs to health, by occafioning the moft dangerous dif-

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The fever is usually high, the evening temperatures reaching from 103°

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drug is absolutely necessary for the successful treatment of pharyn-

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imitate the master, i.e., to diagnose and treat, for this is in fact what

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acter, more often low and muttering, supervenes ; or, the mind remaining

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the breech to pass over it. The attendant aids by guiding the breech

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acute attacks of lumbago may occur at long intervals with no pain

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haemoglobin, too often prescribes a tonic of iron and arsenic without j

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and atrophy. On microscopical examination of the kidney, the epithelium

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Dean and Heads of Departments may be obtained at the Sec-

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Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine, up to June 15th, 1923.