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there is an extension of " cortical discharge," but it is better to explain
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when it is regarded as the mere pastime of a busy doctor.
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in milder cases they are atrophied, and their orifices blocked by epidermic
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asthenia. But in two or three patients I have a note of a curious arrest
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and the duration of the disease had been two years in each instance :
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The same incapability of restraint that is a part of insanity, and that
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Leslie. " Influence of Occupations in Skin Diseases," Jour, of Cut. and Gen.-Urin.
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(25 to 150 bed) (1), (200 to 900) (3) ; 8-561 (1) ;
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the corpuscles have fallen, the period of time being
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discretion, though no one ever accused him of wanting wit —
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up to seventy, but it is rare for it to appear even at sixty.
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partially adhered to by some modern clinicians — even by Brocq, have been
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more above the general skin surface, and may have broad, truncated
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edges in apposition, to keep them in contact by a proper
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has a direct action on the cerebrum, and is a vaso-constrictor. It may
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and it was necessary for them to push forward and take an
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Diphtheritic eruption. — Chiefly after injections of antitoxin serum,
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cheeks. It is also present over the nipples and central line of the
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Although of course by the terms " tubercular " and " lupus " some
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he did not aspire so high until the lady informed him frankly
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died of a broken heart and gaol fever in Newgate on July
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B. Medical and surgical treatment consists, of course, in the applica-
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epidermic scales of the diseased areas of skin. Hyphse very fine, winding,
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appears and she becomes giddy; then she feels perfectly blind. J. B.
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ture of the physicians with whom he came in contact, and
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drug treatment ; (B) rest-cure treatment. (A) Drug treatment. — A very
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postures — as indeed are all rhythmic, automatic, fixed eccentricities — are
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giving rise to a fresh attack, and disappear, either spontaneously or under
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so costly as to be beyond the means of most clerks ; they are not
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tude for medical service to services rendered by physicians,
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even lichen planus (Crocker) ; in the early stages a diagnosis may be very
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dealing with brain disorder and with brain deficiency ; though the final
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without compunction. Should the surgeon prefer scraping or caustics,
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well ; and present both when the limb is at rest and when it is in Use>
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Locally, evaporating lotions are of service, such as weak solutions of
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Cooper) supposed to arise principally from sebaceous and atheromatous
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it increases the general effect it is hardly admissible except in an hospital.
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others have been reported from Egypt. One or two cases have been
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cramp ? " by which he unconsciously means, " Is my difficulty incurable ? "
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fear the dark because " God would be with her," said, with innocent pro-
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