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fever, or typhus especially affecting the brain, with violent, stupefying
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school of practice the book is of more value than to
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Iryz, Ruiz y Sandoval, Gastambide, may be mentioned.
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ing the back of a man's hand with finely hashed wart parti-
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the severe angina of scarlatina or frou) the fjecomposition
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the eyes are dilated in most diseases, but contracted in opium poison-
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in the prsecordial region, but a murmur began to be audible just
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commonly called typhus, which occurs iu this climate at all seasons,
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Just as it is frequently impossible by purely chemical or bacterio-
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the medical profession be turned aside from its demands for a full and thorough
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in his caution. His work bears the mark of much labor, and,
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which had caused the disease had probably lost their vitality by the time
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220 Arthur Henry Havens Sinclair, M.D., F.R.C.S. Ed.
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water (one ounce), used as an injection twice daily,
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haemorrhage in its relation with phthisis. It seems to me that the weight
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the oppofite fides of the wound into contact, urged the ligature
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while they exist in various degrees, their frequence is none the less remarkable.
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jmragm over its right lobe, of natural size, pale* in colour than is usual.
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I had a hard spot upon the penis ; it was pronounced a
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which distinguishes all his work. His colleagues are under
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ose of the microscope. In the present volume his object has been, as stated in his Preface, " to
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Most of the cases that come under the care of the physician get well sooner
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decay. Such is, to my mind, the sequence of the events.
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in 2 per cent. Cough preceded first loss of weight in 09 per cent., and was
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to the action of the heart, all the doubt entertain-
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hundreds which have been conducted for private gain. The
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palliative line of management notwithstanding the dismal survival outcome. The aim of this article is to highlight
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lateral ventricles. Battle, referring to basal fracture, says
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wound was closed with the exception of a small interval
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be reminded that the blood was carried with the arterial im-
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Attention to the etiology aids us greatly. If icterus occurs after
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3. Rotation. — During the progress of the head under simple traction,
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groat tenderness and decided urethritis caused by its
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for producing extension in use in the Taylor splints. The
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together iu an altogether unnatural relation. I soon
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and lungs; it is separated from the abdomen by a broad, muscular
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culty ; in a few minutes Se again had a most terrible
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80 mg, 120 mg, or 160 mg, and hydrochlorothiazide, 50 mg
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discover the cause of obstruction : she remarked that she had
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ties where psoriasis patches occur so frequently, as over the elbow
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trum lies between wave lengths 400 jxji and 760 \i\i if the
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fixed diameters, an increase in the number and strength
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cessful. The hard swelling which appears on the back of the hand,