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the night of June 30th, a fearful change came on. Cold skin, suc-
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fVlon.-Fri. 10-6 Sat. 10-4 BankAmericard • Master Charge • WSFS
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centric layers, which give a peculiar violet colour with iodine and
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at different levels in the cell, and, therefore, not all in focus
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formed the family Jive times that the patient was dead ; but
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lege, Philadelptiia; Ex-President of the American Neurological
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pulmonary tuberculosis. In a few" patients a cocktail or a tablespoonful
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nails is impaired, and they are very brittle. She does not perspire on the right
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apparently from a cyst which it had created for itself
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year. A number of pamphlets on anti-vivisection, the suppres-
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hcbd. de nied.. Par., 1889, 2. s., xxvi, 759 — (iiibliiiinki
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comes on with the inflammation and generally goes off with it,
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cancriamoeba;, fragments of epithelial cells, and leu-
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exactly in proportion to the distance between the blades. As the practi-
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removed the whole mass, and the patient was now doing very
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discoloration of the skin which follows prolonged exposure to
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The accessory glands are the glands of Weber situated at the back and
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falls ; is collected and boiled with alcohol, which dissolves
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Dr. J. R. (JoFinc, who had assisted in tho o|)eration, re-
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" My confidence in the powers of iodine friction, especially
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shoulder, and drove on as if nothing had happened. But
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tained much albumen (''one third"). It was noted that the
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turned from China one year after the initial attack; this persistence may have
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of jaundice. Leucocytosis is of diagnostic value. It is to be remembered
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service rules is to secure perfection as nearly as possible.
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prompt vaccination of the community, and especially the first
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lowing this by insuiflation of powders. Still later catheteriza-
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destruction en masse in connection with the surface
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It is to be noted that he admits that contraction of the
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with the unqualified enthusiasm with which some of its advocates
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tion " set off by the threatening symptoms occurring at the time of operation.
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plication not connected apparently with the aneurysm (Da-
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zinc, and yet do not suffer from this ailment ; and, on the other hand, brass
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had the opportunity of performing a post-mortem ex-
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when the new buildings are complet d, that Lock Wards
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May 22d, 1848, 1 was called to see Mr. J. W., Who was suffering
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blood not increased, but diminished in quantity ; and we may, I think,
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rests. To analyze the power of each passion or emotion, and
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It consists of two elements; neuralgia of the kidney, combined with
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not alter the facts and principles on which he reasoned.
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Lartngeal Phthisis. By Richard Lake, F.R.C.S., Surgeon,
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avail little, but indeed seemed to provoke the very thing it was