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chemical compound. After using a large amount of any particular

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City Hospital New York City. W. B. Saunders & Co., Philadelphia,

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the remembrance of an attack of gastro-enteritis, may

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fessional capacity, and still fewer have so willingly aided and given

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William S. Dickie, F.R.C.S. (third English impression). Vol. I, Introductory.

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the muscular system or of the cord ? That is still very diffi-

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lation of hair and undigested detritus at the opening between the op-

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CROTHERS. " The Sanitary Side of the Drink Problem." Chicago. 1893.

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ing to glisten and sparkle as if covered with a thin

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^^chronic infectious endocarditis." That was the term under which

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and protrusion of the eye in various directions results.

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A variety of methods have been suggested for the cure of

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built near it in the twelfth century, of which relics remained until

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200th, while a fourth class declare better results in

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"We are further taught by this precious example, the worth of simple,

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cally that persons traveling abroad should be immune to mea-

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Hypnosis may be defined as a psychical condition in which

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and the glands around the throat swollen and a nervous prostration takes

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is now being adopteil by the Germans. Dr. Beetz, in

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till I am your patient," was Woodward's witty reply. Later, Mead

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Accordingly he placed the piece of paper the image of which he meant should fall

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pulverised zinc into a retort and pour upon it absolute

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in the colon. The desquamation of the intestinal epithelium was regarded