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applications. He commenced taking Lugol's solution (gtt. v. ter die) on
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the means of attacking a number of diseases at the point
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the French journal concludes by staling that a similar operation has subse-
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medicines, is a medical art, and the pharmacist and manufac-
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other. Eight ounces of brandy has, like a charm, calmed in a raornent
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washed into a little run which empties into the Potomac
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white, that occurring about five days before she was seen. The
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A main object with it is to uphold the dignity and respectability of that
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well, eats heartily, is very lively, and is in the full enjoyment of all its men-
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or amphibium, unless the great nervous centre was immersed; and without
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the practitioner; and that when used without skill or necessity, they expose
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perceptions of every one, will be heard and prove efficient ; we allude to the
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not lost more than a few ounces of blood when the symptoms came on.
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cal suffering and mental languor were all that he spent among you. He
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quired by a previous attack or by intermittent associ-
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The dead body was Inspected on the morning of February 11.
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excited by the slightest touch. No hyj)notic had any
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The operator introduced his tongue-depresser (abaisse-langue), and,
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Some conservatism is still somewhat advocated and inhalation
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hour," there appears, from the testimony of the witness, to have been no
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ordinary common sense. Certain of the cases cited be-
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When one reflects that railroad casualties are con-
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Sumge; complete recovery. Beference: London Lancet, 1896, I,
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difference, therefore, seems to be in the ratio of deaths,
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Personals. — Dr. Adam H. Wright, professor of obstetrics
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are apt, perhaps, with all their value, to foster the spirit, which seems but too
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territory south of latitude 28°, where it is not under water. The flour made
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Canada, but after the date specified, candidates will be re-
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cluded that personal knowledge of what was directly
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healthy. On two occasions the ankles have become swollen; they are not
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comfortable during the whole time. He has recovered the entire use of his
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In this passage Dr. Annan has committed an error equally as much, if
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rom one of the enlarged glands. It was difficult to be sure of this,
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not to an actual increase in the number of reds in the
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a better appearance. The cuticle is removed from the right arm, except m
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fore, is simply congenital cell non-resistance, and such
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sacrifices, even of murderers. The days of Herophilus
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might be transmitted directly from one to the other; mere apposition is suffi-