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doctor recommended that, as pure bred cattle are frequently

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sarca and general dropsy with organic disease of the kidneys. This

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its armpits and close to the chest, with the palms up-

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ional insanity, for these patients have their wits about

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nasal cavities. Persons suffering from chronic nasal

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firm pulse, which characterize an attack of phlegmonous ery-

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made themselves so cooi^iciious as Dr. French. I had

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tractors, and thus the sutures can also be inserted

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quest so that the physician may fully appreciate its thera-

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This work, in two volumes, is reproduced from the original

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continue to grow in favor, and that each school will attract to itself

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vicular regions with almost complete absence of movement. The flattening

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air : a long voyage will be of great service. Nourishing food, with

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chronic poisoning by morphine promotes hepatic steatosis.

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â– cliaracteristic primary lesions ; but he questioned the accuracy of the history

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These presents are duly valued and entered, and their amount varied from

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quantity is diminished to a considerable extent, even if there are no convulsive

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Dr. Weber regarded the case as a typical example of the kind of

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among men. Fifty years ago the yearly mortality of the

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eyes sunken, and the pulse small, rapid, and feeble. The

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It would fix our status, give us something in the future to look

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tinued for, at least, two mouths before being aban-

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Summary. — VVc iiixl in this con! jit llic iiiid-ccrvi-

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corps and division hospitals. This is a mere outline sketch,

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They state that they had during the year " inoculated with small-

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main reliance in the treatment was to keep up the patient's

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tent period elapses before its influence becomes effective, and this persists

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according as the end of the stretcher at which he is placed is

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instances, however, the favorable moment is lost by

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The epidemic of measles the Province has had for the last six months

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red and white animals are to be preferred to those with

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by a simple compliance with the known laws which regulate

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the Prussians, are advancing always. Pierre's horse is killed