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intestinal tract. The indications for treatment are twofold — to
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interest, and one which cannot be explained as merely an effect of
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influenza, becomes rapidly transformed into a fatal pneumonia ; or a
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the affection of the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle known as torticollis.
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frain from grouping them into those which signify acute disease and those
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vyie or pus casts are much less common, as also are such as are composed
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sequent on the exercise renders the system more susceptible to the
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tissue, which is known as enlargement of the heart or hypertrophy.
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mentioned especially the masseter, the sterno-cleido-mastoid, the
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self, for which reason it may be passed over as unscientific.
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more and more extensive, xls was originally pointed out by Sir
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there is established an obstinate sore from the surface of which ex-
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The morbid changes which take place in acute rheumatic en-
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and insufficient muscular exercise, but we do not know in what they
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occur at an age at which chorea does not manifest itself. Chorea is
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«onsecjuentl3% the i)resence of oxalates in the urine is indicative of
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ment being several months. It is one attack all through; but it is
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until one may be foi^ven if he becomes confused ; we do well to remember
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of cases the paralytic seizures have preceded death by a day or two only,
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with one or more swollen, sensitive and painful joints. Sleep and
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the accumulation of waste products in the blood is much less than in cases
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itself. The patients are attacked by severe complications and sequelae
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limited the means, she must be able to fill the heart of her husband
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x4.mong the enfeebled subjects of chronic gout renal disease is
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Thickening of the fibrous structures of the heart is not limited to
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disease be suddenly su])pressed. The rarity of an event is no proof
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While the arteries may be attacked by inflammation, dilatation and
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E recede the albumin, while in other cases albumin may be present many days
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upper extremities. In Friedreicli's disease there is sometimes atro-
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The stage of eruption which now follows is peculiar and character-
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Brillat-Savarin : Physiology of Taste. German Translation, 1878.
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