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the oldest dynasties of Europe, and also in the case of a Russian princess. In
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For alopecia following fevers, &c, or for the falling off of the hair,
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complaints made sense. Her symptoms had not changed
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failure of brain-power is due to a general softening of the brain,
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.per cent,, and in hospital practice it is somewhat more.
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hospital on September 11, 1912. It was her first pregnancy,
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cHmination not difficult. A friction murmur, caused b}- the rubbing
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Symptoms, These vary at the diflferent stages. The earliest
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Dr. J. B. Marvin, Louisville: There is much in the paper to commend.
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the phenomenon in its full vigor. By malignant disease,
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unpleasant effects were observed ; the attack ran a quicker course, the
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cised. The lower end of the small intestine resembled the large
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Prophet's advent, that is in the early seventh century
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knee. The load perforated the inner condyle, passed through the joint,
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nitrate of bismuth and salicylate of sodium were very
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stripe is frecpiently added, makin<>' the i)atriotic
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since. I have demonstrated, in the three instances of
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The antitoxin therapy appears to have a distinct beneficial
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Nothing else was ordered. The eye was greatly improved.
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it can only deceive the credulous and unwary. Further than the general information giv-
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The use ot digitalis in combination with bromides in epi-
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tude, may 1 be forgiven this preachment — the only bit
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Crosby, T. B., M.D., F.R.CS., 21, Gordon Square, W.C
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may be ventured on ; but while the bleeding continues moderate, and
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and doubtless it is true so far as the main mass of the tract
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more surprising was the similar action of cholesterin,
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tected in Bilibid Prison for a number of months prior to
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density of the blood and that of the serum ; second, the weight of fibrin,
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begets impossible monsters. United with reason, she is the mother of all art, and the source of
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tion. Can the boundary of life be enlarged ? Can the limit of
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sink all other (litTiMvnc.os iind tiiita^onisms in onlor to Imild ii|>
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so that any offences committed against decency therein become
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of such examinations, it may be of interest briefly to
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cases reacted to 1 milligram or less, while considerably less than
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does not seem to have occurred to him. We are certainly in this respect
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restricted, as when immobilized with plaster of Paris and
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suffering very great pain, and gave the following account of the