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teract the offensive odor. Poultice the legs every night with
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that all cosmetics are harmful shows great ignorance.
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intestinal dejecta in cholera there is a much greater risk of the
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Harper Memorial Building is the largest containing about volumes.
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dation but that they also present the following differ
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Hypnotics such as morphine hydrated chloral or hyoscine hydrobromate
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by drug houses which have preparations of pituitary
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and remarks on the proceedings of the Congress of American
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a. All the cases are essentially of the same nature although they
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tions apply to all health care workers regardless of whether they
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sideration of the physician s business interests neglected.
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followed by linseed gruel combined with ammonia or alcohol and tannic
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alike and consist of grinding and mixing the clay or flint in the
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the little finger of the right hand was attacked with numbness
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present but I see him here in the room. Another T think
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effect it has on the system devitalizing the system and allowing
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In most cases these simple measures suffice to cause a disappearance
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ever the passing of the Amitomy Act which though by
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and clinical course giving only the clinical diagnosis together with
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and the strife should be to mitigate human sufferings
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December loth on The Waste and Supply ot Medical Practitioners I would
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est layer predominating. The bladder from this time on
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consequence is that again returning to their often unhealthy
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The nature of the disease in this patient is illustrated
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May th when he went home and for a fortnight afterwards
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most if not all of these cases relapse sooner or later. He
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began to project attended wkh severe dad Isuscinating paab and
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the Royal Pimlico Dispensary who has just published in the Brit
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for swelling. The board should not extend beyond the proximal third
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continued listless and complaining. Choreic movements
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hypodermatically can be administered more easily and more
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Artillery has resigned his appointment which was dated June th ISSi.
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the mass of evidence in favor of considering the leucocyte as
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generally prescribed in combination under one of the following
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tain that for some time many years Europe underwent many
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swollen and red and if lividity is more pronounced than the swelling
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limb is very easily fatigued and periods of rest must alternate
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case. If there is actual failure of the circulation little that
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treatment. If protection against wind is provided the equip
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him took occasion to refer to the high standard of examination