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2 mg. and below 4 mg. in the remaining 11 cases. They believe
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Conclusions. The repeated parenteral introduction of foreign
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inspiration; but this would render the region liable to compression rather
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The experiments with Bacillus pyocyaneus suggest that tempo-
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adhesions it is reduced in that part of the pleural cavity that is
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fever. Even Marshall Hall, who is considered to be the great
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♦1886. Hun, Henry, 149 Washington Ave., Albany, N. Y.
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irritation to the integument from the friction. In inflammation at-
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stone, before entering the bladder, we select the following: —
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pletely ossified, its two lateral portions having united by bone; this union
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late, he has succeeded occa-sionally in writing an intelligible word, which has been
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muscles. In one case, where the needle was inserted into the lumbar muscles,
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At 3.50, 100 c.c. is delivered in twenty-one seconds.
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lesion, but which may nevertheless recur under the influence of certain anatovii-
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The tendency is strong for pathologists to return to the original
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dietetic principles to all of these cases is unwarranted, but in
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to produce, violent delirium and disease of other organs. Sometimes
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reactions. In some cases only the first portion of the fluid that
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tities in a number of cases. He stated that in lobar pneumonia it was
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sera into susceptible animals, even only a few hours after infection
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Under these circumstances the accumulated urobilin in the liver
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possibilities which may arise from a chronic septic focus, but I would go
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which man is subject, it is also one of the most obstinate. A vast number of re-
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patients with anginoid pain on exertion (thirty-five in all) will, I
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4. Experiments upon the Glusso-Pharyngeal JVerve. — When this nerve was
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ottered by different writers, to the whole of which he objects. His