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after a confinement of one or two weeks. Throughout all these
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obstruction of respirafion caused by these, doubtless, was the immediate
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vered in this stage ; if distinctly present, its diagnostic significance is im-
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sema was notably lessened. The chlorate of potassa, the bromide of
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The book is written in the characteristic vigorous style of its able and versatile author. —
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healthy condition, without debilitating- the system by
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inoperative wdien the kidney's are much diseased. The second indication
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it were, to the stimulus of distension, it ceases to excite the peristaltic
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Pennsylvania Hospital, January 9th, 1850. According to her
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Fees: Matriculation ^5.00. First and second years, each
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so far from affording ground for this opinion, goes to show that haemop-
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Pulmonary cavities m'ay be produced. Circumscribed pleurisy is usually
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slightest exertion hurried ; in fine, all the symptoms which characterize
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duration is always about the same. For example, a medical friend of the
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of the disease being progressive or otherwise. When it is a question as
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secure regularity and sufficiency of the evacuations without perseverance
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The y write about it in Medical Books and Journals , report cases in