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who were not convalescent within fifteen days of commencing the treat-
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appeared to remember very little of her family. Both parents were
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Atlas Ophthalmologiipte, and found himself unable to return to Paris,
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is all that is absolutely required, a favourable consideration will be
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and notorious, surely it is worth even the sacrifice of some profitable
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earnestly that jealousy of the labours and of the success of others, that
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and a Surgical Registrar, are appointed annually from among the senior
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consequence of infected clothes being sent without warning, and, there-
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of Hare-lip, and its Treatment. By Kelburne King, M. D. — 2. The
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from the excellent way in which it had gone over a number of im-
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actions of the organic nitrites. " ( Report of the British Association for the
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Professor of E.xperimental Physics : K. B. Chfton, M.A., F.R.S.
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larger part of the nation than anywhere else. Already, in 1866, when
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various kinds of protoplasm. It is essential to the stability of the phy-
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whom the law already throws its protection. It is needless here to re-
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crowded into a short time. To meet these difficulties, the lecturer pro-
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At the end of thit chapter, the author gives us interesting facts as to
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for who does not know its wonderful efficacy in scarlet fever ? It is,
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severe kind of diarrhcea, which troubled the poor fellows very much —
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as well as to the adherent portion of omentum (which much
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in the Horse was exhibited by Mr. Howell, a veterinary surgeon of
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which he firmly believed. He s.iid he underwent nightly a kind of tor-
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ties into districts. Here, again, the artificial system of boundary lines
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Drainage. /'. Contaminations of Air: as by the exhalations of organic
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petent method of inquiry, the fundamental fact must always be barren
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other terms than as a vole of censure upon what the Committee had
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Thursday evening, the resignations of Sir William Fergusson, Mr.
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repressed, by two methods. The one is in our own power, but it re-
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perfection be only temporary ; so he occasionally misses a time or two;
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officer is not required to inform himself of the health or disease of the
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gards the mechanism of its occurrence, and certainly undervalued in