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In liver abscess, the amoebae, when present, are readily found in the pus,
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becoming weak, flutters and stops. Frequently at the time of death
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which there is a more limited sacculated exudation on one or other side
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suggested that this may be the point of entrance of the tetanus organism
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binding of it like a ligature fliould ftop the free cir-
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the pores of the fkin ; fuch, for example, as a dram
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tion or even necrosis may supervene, probably due to the sodium sali-
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proving it's fertility, whereas the horfe leflens it. -
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motion-picture leetnre whieh is being delivcrccl in this eountry
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interossei do not exhibit in children the same tendency to become paralysed
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feature in this disease — receives a ready explanation. High atmospheric
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Examinations of the secretions upon which sole reliance formerly
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fundamental principles as much as possible illustrating common everyday
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still in the stage of contamination only, and nmiiy of those who
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symptoms. All the patients, however, improved, and a further series of