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ing and green manuring ; manufacture, preservation, and

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committal is subject to the approval of the Trustees.

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state to you the reasons which induce me to treat by means so very

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below par mentally, with a marked memory defect. His replies to questions

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the limbs, and often of a purely neuralgic nature. A feeling of muscular

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School of Dental Medicine. Oral surgical house officers are selected

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ular regions, situations occupied not by the pulmonary paren-

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at the same time neglect of the ordinary laws of health, in

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fault which can be committed in operating on hernia is to remove the

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and the laceration of her perin.vum when her first calf |

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Denys, produced by the intercession of the apostles

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Each, major session, beginning at 9 a.m., 1 p.m., and

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place gradually. Until the 18th inst., the patient expe-

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for example — suffer from diffuse erythema, minute vesicular eruptions

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prevent the formation of organic matter and the deposit of atropia. The

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while true of all tumble weeds, is especially true of the

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and been lodged in a bronchus some time previous to

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the cord, and if there is more than one they may be made to

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portant, as after this it will probably be too late. It should be

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Weiser. Daniel. Captain and Assistant Surgeon (U. S. Army).

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stock?" I will here give my opinion upon this subject.

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A mare's sterility is practically decided in the first three years