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the favor by accompanying me to Dr. Mott's library, where we found

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condition. There was thus, in fact, almost a local or

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very satisfactory and in the milder cases very prompt.

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double fist, and moderately well up. The uterus was found to be

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painful, sensation produced during blanching. I have not seen or heard of any

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albuminuria of slight amount, but that it is more common in

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recovered pneumonics will show persistence of the pres-

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allow the patient to swallow, one C. C. (fifteen m.) of fluid eirtract of

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plied in order to sustain the removal of decomposing substances and

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lution. Bull, scient. de la France et de la Belg., Par., 1892,

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experiments have shown that the alimentary canal can do

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papers and sacking, but should be absolutely closed with cotton material or

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consumptive's grave, as had quite a number of his near

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see how the masters of the art work ; hence I would suggest

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The fund for purchase of school library books is obtained

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to have syphilis in the great majority of cases by the positive Wassermann

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poison germ is in or carried by these microscopic animalculas ; or that

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and finally the parents of the first-mentioned two children

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much clinical use. The parasitic idea of the etiology

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however, that in his experience syphilis is by no means a very

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action everywhere over the four lower limbs ; but, speaking of

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enemata were given. But on the afternoon of May 23d

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•was aifected. This was really a case of chronic embolism.

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craft into the peaceful harbor of convalescence. At this point

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Two years since, professor Louyet, of Brussels, wrote to in-

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Ware neither speaks of the time when he first remarked the con-

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