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served me well, that is the search for occult blood in the faeces
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the municipal funds. This system of combining private char-
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removal was decided upon, and readily accomplished by a small incision
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considered that a neoplasm was present and there was
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tential attempt to answer the question allotted to me in this
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S. S. NivisoN, M.D., Hammonton, Nr J.— **I have variously tested the merits
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her nursling. The foster-child's grandmother was inter-
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ments in Minnesota, it is evident that inspections cannot
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that electrical troHtment was not suited to these particular cases.
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tradiction when we assert, that, at least on this side of the At-
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Emeritus Professor of St. Andrews, whose obituary has so-
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nine presented attacks of grand mal. In rare instances
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correspond with muscular pains that one is accustomed to feel after
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There are also some lupus nodules on the site of the
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he desired to make a simple statement. As soon as the
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within certain erythrocytes. Throughout this pale body there
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tion of election for reducing subluxations in the cervical
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Legislation of the Health Conference, its members were enter-
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sodium may be given, in scruple or half scruple doses, with as much
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the other hand, if removal is not complete, recurrence is sure to
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him, not only to the immense benefit conferred upon hu-
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may be necessary to make some slight modifications.
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Elimination may be further induced by stimulants, as those em-
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ficial) are slightly thickened, and often marked with a
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safe side, of six or seven days' duration. In order that the mos-
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by a linear accelerator or a multiple cobalt 60 source
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"A Study of a Family of Four Degenerate Children." — By Dr.
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the neighboring lymph-glands being generally involved. This form is also
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attractiveness of hospitalization insurance from the sales
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2d. "The structure and diseases of the Teeth ; with a numerical solution of the question, can caries
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of transverse presentation in which version was accom-
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arises in the treatment of the early stage ; but in the slight cases, Avhere
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papillary hypertrophy on the other side of the nose might be secondary
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related a case of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis in