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ration, and to comply with the laws of health as regards a fair apportion-

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the result was similar. In the whole course of my experience

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wards was 1 in 5.97 ; in the tents, 1 in 16.77, excluding the cases in which

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vention in military operations ; but it is in a greater measure to be ac-

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extending to other parts in the course of the affected nerve.

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of perception. That they have a connexion I am strongly dis-

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gUa reticulum? It is very hard to answer this question definitely.

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affections characterized by pain which mny occur without inflammation or

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of view, is addressed, not directly to the paralysis, but to causative and

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ment of the extremities, and not unfrequently being seen to exist

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fusion on awakening from sleep, the patient being unable to recall where

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essential agreement in all material points, that our attention is

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perverted assimilation. That the patholog}^ embraces blood-changes may

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bipolar, to cells having at least five processes occur. Numerous

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tion of pus and urine form a tumor which presents itself in an accessible

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dependent on active congestion, bloodletting is indicated, and the life of

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M.D., F.R.C.S. A new American from the eighth and improved London edition. With

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all outbreaks of the disease to contagion, and, hence, the opinion is gene-

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to be due to syphilis, anti-syphilitic medication is indicated, especially

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those made by the Auiericau editor. One of the best tests

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ral necessary, in addition to this, being the administration of ape-

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is not evidence of paralysis, as deflection of the uvula to one side is fre-

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from any inflammation of organs, but accompanied with pelechiae, a tendency to

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sake of imiformity, although the statements hold in general for

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sph3^gmograph show that in scarlatina, and in all the eruptive fevers, the

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olfactive organs. This part of the nervous axis contains the

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