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had a spell with which she could either cure such cattle as were sick, or destroy

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If, in addition, there has been a primary rigor, or nausea and vomiting,

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used. The decoction of broom acts as a strong diuretic. In the case of Reg.

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diagnosis was often very difficult He divided intra-

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Cantharides^ in the hands of Professor Allen, of the Hush Medi^ Collie of Chi-

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Diagnosis : Mitral regurgitant. Treatment : August v^

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over, told me, that the influenza of 1843 was in like

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Petrissage is the principal manipulation of the larger

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placed in wire trunks or baskets, and each man has absolute < ontrol of

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The passage of a probang into the stomach will enable the practitioner to

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had not b^^^n married quite a year, and she informed me that soon after

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rule changes for EMS regulating the fluid and drug program

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their home, they had to take a sulphur bath, and fresh

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<I817), Botany (1818), Materia Medica (1839), Institutes of

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The Journal of the Arkansas Medical Society (ISSN 0004-1858) is published monthly

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anterior chamber. He stated that seven weeks ago on one Monday

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increased length, ten cases with a decrease, and five cases with no change.

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about ten thousand names, and will make a book near the

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cases are related, from malposition, pelvic distortion, and hydro-

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I find in another book, and wholly unconnected with

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Dr. Sangster — If you do that, you must authorize the committee to put it to the

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to an education which shall enable them to hold con-

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medicine, and have no special designation to distinguish them from other

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obtained. It was necessary, therefore, to take only the

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ease, but so variable and at the same time insidious is the course in general

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method rather than hysterectomy in suitable cases, [w.k.]

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heals rapidly, only the small portion included in the ligature haying to slough

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tissue and some elastic fibres, this layer forming part