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and occasionally before they were completely separated from the capil
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directed by the physician in charge after a close study of the
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Schirmer s article is very elaborate and exhaustive but the follow
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The Immediate Result as estimated by the Disappearance
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The anterior extremity of the under surface of the left middle
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from a few hours to two or three days and referred
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sometimes results from its administration. A decoction of the bark of
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In regard to infection from within we have but to remember
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ally increased by pressure and deep inspiration is very
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uterine wall as I have once seen done in a subinvoluted uterus.
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whooping cough asthma and chronic coughs generally. And
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stitial tissue. The arteriosclerosis of arterioles and
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Scrofula originally denoted a swollen neck which in some children
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the little finger of the right hand was attacked with numbness
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improved under the enlivening influence of the daily draught
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authorities to stop all ingress to the barracks from the affected
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turn to a breaking down of body cells leucocytes rich in the
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factorily the National Board Examination Part I before registration.
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scientifically applied while the patient walks about with the head of
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found that in the great ma.jority of cases of neuralgia
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associated with indigestion. The vegetable acids may be
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other similar toxic substances the results may be sudden and
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fail in mind and body. The mental extinction of senile dotage must be
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tion of the nervous system heat may act as a nervous
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Family History. Antecedents normal. Two daughters aged and years
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the workman s doctor and the insurance doctor agreed that a certain
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nation of bladder and kidneys showed no urethral strictures. Urine
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effect. It slows the frequency of the respirations and increases the
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appeal to a more powerful spirit to drive the noxious one away.
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ment of the lesions of chronic diffuse nephritis. Arterial degeneration through
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it can hardly be disputed that the facts recorded in
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Among other remedies prescribed for their supposed paraeiticidal effect
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Glauber s salts in the morning to promote free elim
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gout or gutta another name witnessing to the humoral doctrines of Galen.
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at the outset. A white cell count of over is strong evidence
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et ses divisions pr c dee d un essai de classifica
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before the operation was performed. Of those recovering from the opera
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The author stated that from a recognition of the prob
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tics which were of a definite inflammatory nature and