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It is not probable that lodtjment in the body of the com-
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Neave. J. H. Patterson, E E Porritt, R. G. Riddell, T. Rogerson,
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which before tlie operation was only occasionally excessive,
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nated male adults to account for any deaths from small-pox
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He recommended the study of the article " Knots " in the
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the meantime, not exactly "hung up," but rather hung over
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perature at different seasons, and is always below 39° F. This
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of Dr. Cran of Tarland would provide plausible materials for
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absence of any previous history of mischief either in the stomach or
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The animal— and we have used rabbits almost exclusively-is anaes-
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plained by the view put forward by Dr. Martin, namely, that
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• Bbitish Gyn-'ecologkal Society. — A meeting of this
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.\t Wakefield the disease has occurred in some score of persons in the
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of Englishmen, therefore, to keep their ports and their
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dinner at .5..30. Subject for discussion: The Diagnosis of Rotheln, to be
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staff of the institution were present during the discussion,
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lETTERS, COMMUNICATIONS. Etc., have been received from :
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His condition remained satisfactory till April 1st, when he
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of the right kidney, which soon passed off. This was followed a few.
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PARISH OF GLENELG.— Medical Officer for the Noitheru Division.