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J, A, Shaw-Mackenzie, M,B,, London: Mr, J, A. Sullivan, Pontypridd;
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taken place under the auspices of the Association. During
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Surgery. Applications to the Secretary by June 23rd.
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certain hospitals and dispensaries in India. It is suggested thai exact
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form. Hysteric hemiplegia is not nearly so common as monoplegia.
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•was called to the opacity which commonly occurs, after a
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being reduced in number beyond what they are in any other anemia —
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some cases the diarrhea is due to a diphtheric inflammation of the
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It is when a change occurs in the character of the pain to a distinctly
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cate for whicli he would receive no payment. At present his
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Affections like inflammations of jomts, which have certain features in
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possessed full powers for taking precautions to prevent tlie spread of in-
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develop symptoms which are highly characteristic, both negatively
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the length of the external incision, and found the lung com-
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8.30 P.M.— Co)iirrsa;/f))ie by the Mayor and Corporation in the
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scarlet. There was much itching and discomfort. The ery-
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fied, unmarried, and not under 2.3 years of age. Salary, £12.5 per an-
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legislation or haply prevent, as we may hope will be the
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malignant growths of the larynx, by Dr. A. Sokolowski.
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sewers and of the house connections'," resulting from the
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the eyes, the pain had gone, the injection of conjunctiva was
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cination, 326, 55.3.671. 720, 1245; proposed small-
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the bylaws out. This proposal is too vague to discuss in detail, but one
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of the Durham College of Science, Neweastle-on-Tyne. This
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jmluut without goiter, not being accustomed to write at all, yet said
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run through the ureter, dilatation of a marked character
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know that typical renal dropsy has not a single inflammatory eleraent
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accompanies some accidents to an abdominal viscus. Many lives
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within a week, commonly setting in by rigors and grave symptoms of
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hideous and rapidly growing sarcomata of the eye generally occur in
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ments, wliilst to the fifth link is attached a third atom of
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mouth of blood, in this way losing some ounces each day.
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the Council ■' had no power to advise medical men, or to pro-
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will be produced unless the patient is on a rigid diet.
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the disease. Reference was made to the comma vibrio, the
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treatment of the diseases of the uterine appendages ; the dis-
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movements of expansion, the chest moves mainly up and down, with
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tered in I oodon, 5 in Oldham, 2 in Eirmintham, 2 in Bradford, and I