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the corset around the waist, the patient lies down, draws up the knees, and

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plied to the thyroid gland. Certainly there is not an organ or tissue

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shijDboard seem peculiarly favorable to the growth of the poison. Next

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A Treatise on the Science and Practice of Midwifery.

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{Crit. 7?^t/.) = Critical Review. (£"^.) = Editorial Note

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but warns that return of Joint function is not to be ex-

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In 1847, when Virginia gave the great Northwest to the United

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they must be regarded as showing in this connection that great

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baptized ; the other births were still or premature.

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nerves proceeds from the spinal marrow. This hypothesis is supported

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mediate attention as they present themselves during the

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ovarian tumors or carcinoma, are tuberculous. The disease may

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12. Rosenbach. ref. Schmidt's "Jahrb.," No. 188, p. 134.

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merely a slight thickening of the free border of the leaflets; in most cases

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mind. It is equally indispensable for maintaining these capabilities.

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articles promised by leading continental physicians and sur-

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case of innominate or thoracic aneurism, where the sac

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By W. M. Kerr, Lieutenant Commandor, Medical Corps, United States Navy.

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method of cure. Dr. Thomson asserts that •' heat is ^(/e" — that it is the

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rapid reduction methods of Levinstein, Erlenmeyer, and other

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serve to exclude this affection. Knowledge of the occurrence of one or

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in persons previously healthy, and in a very large num-

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As soon as effusion takes place (see Changes Occurring in

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The tissues of the placenta, though prone to certain forms of degenera-

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of the skull from the brain. We are always afraid that

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of urinary retention in prostatics, often overlooked, i. e., the

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I AM prompted to write upon a somewhat worn subject

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the interesting comments which he (Pare) makes on the

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human blood five months old, in the course of a few minutes. In fact, from

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important phase of tuberculosis. Its smoothness of diction,

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treme eversion, according as the bone is driven in pos-

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of phthisis can be checked, and very frequently completely

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however, kidney debris is present and the solid waste

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could not have been the case in Bernard's case of stenosis of the right

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calcium chloride was made fifteen days previously, was not affected, but the ab-

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