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Reprints. A series of facsimile reprints of Medical Americana, 431.
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The influence of dieting upon the course of cancer. — Johns Hop-
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ing the treatment of acute suppurative otitis media it must be as-
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the blood they turned their attention to the infected mosquito and
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tion of the upper with the middle third ; the other
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a capital stock of $20,000, and the purpose of the incorporators is
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is out of harmony with the natural order of things. In recent
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presentation of cases by the students and in the discussion
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importance since, in the end, the results were not averaged in
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write on account of cataract in both eyes, I am compelled to dic-
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John T. MaciCurdy. War neuroses. — Psychiatric Bulletin, 1917.
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if they were properly disinfected at point of departure, St. Louis,
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About two hours before clay, of the 18th, you came to my house
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bilious. Then the following intestinal antiseptic sedative and as-
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beauty of character, as well as a thrilling story of
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above all, profuse illustrations. The last is by far the most pleas-
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bed, nor has she been noisy, but she has been very restless in bed,
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be present on the preceding Friday (see the Calendar, page
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A. B., Oberlin College, 1910; M. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1915.
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do not therefore tkink that jaundice is any more a symptom of liver
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cases of pneumonia were given the large initial dose
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will remember him and his genial, gentlemanly nature and con-
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healing of gastric ulcer for at least twice the normal time, because
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range within wide limits, even to one-fifth of the normal propor-
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citizens and college people, and a splendid sprinkle of prettily
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other remedies. Growths of bacterial origin are undoubtedly bene-
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could be elicited, most of them exaggerated. Ankle clonus, and
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this sweeping assertion. The germ causation of disease, which
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are to accept these drugs. Our knowledge of the importance of in-
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of the sense of loss his death brought to the community at large.
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as of occasional value in coughs. In asthma he praises 5 grain doses of
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Eleven unilateral, 9 reductions and 2 transpositions.
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vaccine represented approximately 500,000 bacteria with a cer-
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him. _ He might have lived had I given him better care," etc. She complained
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Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases, Xew York School
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