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many peculiar aspects. The experience of the Depart-
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tion that his moral worth and social qualities could have been fully appre-
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University Medical College, Kansas City, elected the fol-
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men, viz.: — Samuel C. McWhirter, of Wilson county, Tennessee, and John
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parasitic theory not having been satisfactorily demon-
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easy enough to point to a group of cases and say, "These are
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Suppuration and cerebral inflammation do not always give rise to suppu-
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that they bear absolutely no conunercial impress." The edu-
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the unanimous sentiment of the 188 or more delegates
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in a prison, should have his utility, and the author in
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of our most valuable, intelligent, and useful citizens, — of robust constitution
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million and a half persons infected with syphilis each
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In his clinical lecture. Dr. Thompson remarked : — This is a case of hyper-
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to examine this substance more particularly, when I discovered it presented
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work thoroughly. It is hoped that school medical inspection
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The Bobert Oarrett Free Hospitals tor Children have
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George Kemahan, 1C.D., Rush Medical College, Chicago.
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ments fell down in convulsions. Dr. Warner saw him about 1 o'clock,
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reasonable demand of the staff is conceded, the members will
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lated, a virus reproduces itself exactly as the seed of
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site on the glans is freshened and made of sufiicient
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vice-presidenU; Dr. Monte Griffith, secretary, and Dr. Frank
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But, for the sake of argument, admit that Imeant friction ; and then let
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living matter, after death we should always find the pupil dilated. 2d. In
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on the microbe nor on its toxins; their action is apparently
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their raw surfaces upward. Over these might be placed
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after three long exposures in the course of three weeks. The
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sponsibility on the army surgeons is not merely the desire of
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The general condition of the patient is favourable; he has slept several
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