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Cincinnati. — 9 cases of yellow fever, 5 from steam-
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' The questions upon this point were asked in consequence of a previous conver-
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Originally under the supervision of Dr. Rotch, of Bos-
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Bryson, M.D., R.N. ; Egypt and Syria, W. Camps, M.D.;
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outer portion of the hair into its constituent fibres, it presents the appear-
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who were attacked at St. Pierre, ten only arrived at the full period of pregnancy
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McLeod, James H.. 4S93, Healdsburg, Marion-Sims Med. Coll.. Mo., April >,
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•lied exclusively to a non-inflammatory or dropsical effusion. This
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Boston, Mass., is an interesting and pivaetical paper.
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congratulate Dr. Harvey on this weU-merited tribute to his
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ZwEiFEL. Tkerap. Munatsh., Bed., 1909, xxiii, p. 129.
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teeth must not be allowed to decay, abscess, of the diseases of childhood. We should
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