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used because of the bearer's reputed love of the precious

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mous epithelium, in other parts of columnar or cubical

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shifted forward, and the posterior nares are shifted by the extension of

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We shall not quote farther from this portion, for the whole

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gue, glanders, and some other fevers by using a culture of

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with mallet and chisel , and the ordinary carpenter's chisels with han-

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Bicentennial Medical The Medical Society of the District of Columbia and the National Institutes of Health

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them were cases of simple neuralgia ; in many the patients

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ever may claim its pateinity ; but will point to one of

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In the experiments thus far cited, alcohol had been sought

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of morphin nulphate at intervals of two to hour hours, applying


macher. For the two years past I have become acquainted with the

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et syph.,'Par., 1896, 3. s., vii. 1443.— Hallopeau (H.) &

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cerebral hemorrhage bursting through the peripheral brain-substance, has

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life, and though the disease we see at the present day is one and the

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Carcinoma of the Pylorus, Ptiiu-rva.'i, or Stomach. — The

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of attack, after the third or fourth day its members began to

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operative scar, one of them densely adherent to the

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the far South, and successively from nearer regions. As a

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The Section on Obstetrics was fully as enthusiastic as the surgical, and was

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the treatment of the diseased conditions revealed by the

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Traumatic Rupture of the Small Intestine ; Abdominal

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infected and uninfected animals. No spirochetes have been found

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is there at work. " He formed us in the depths." " Our

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even as if she had felt on intolerable paine in her

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experience with the method in the. treatment of urethral

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of sense of pain and weight in the forehead, acconii)anied with other symp-

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ciation, in June, 1887, on " Arsenical Neuritis," marked


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elongated from depression of the diaphragm ; and this expansion is main-

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first act of alcohol is to stimulate the heart, the second

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alysis of accommodation. Should the patient need a + 4 D. lens to

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A Report of Cases of Brain Lesions — Abscesses, Meningitis,

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cence of the blood indicates a penetration of the fre-

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Carolina, general practitioner for thirty-two years,

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can be found — the result of the school work is less satisfac-

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lady from Randolph county, aged 18 years. The cause of the

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cate points than is the average layman. The opening

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All will be consulted eclectically. For further information address

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Pao-Ting-Fu, a native of Taylorsville, Pa. Dr. Vir-

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of the writer's literature on the subject may be shown by the

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every two or three hours, being guided by the pulse) may be

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Dr Ettinger makes no mention of some that may be of vital

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fiu» of the retina and in the direction of the axis

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the attack is accompanied by congestion of the head, in fleshy individo-

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