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the pregnant condition, the anxious state of mind consequent on the

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set. in an hour after kbour. It was arrested by cold injections.

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rhal infections are staphylococci, streptococci, pneumo-

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Surely the difference here is not so much in degree as in kind.

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If we now proceed to build up a muscle by synthesis we see,

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the intervening substance and fibres. Whether, in the further

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heed. In the body there exists a certain relation between heat pro-

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ordinary, nor indeed the most frequent, mode of its production"

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perance will keep the burden off the digestive system.

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recollect, that the poison in small quantities may have been introduced


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many chapters. Excepting diseases of the eye, no surgical affections appear to


outline always defined, and they may be well observed in


hemorrhage into the lungs, &c. In both instances they are " generally preceded


fever; and the latter disease is still (Oct. 21) prevailing to a great

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water thrown back on the blood by a sudden suppression of the

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a contribution to this subject derived from twenty-two years' (1841-63)

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a case of congenital polypus. For this, as for a very large number of the cases

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system are involved in so much obscurity, that the following case, communicated

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riaUsed the' Government to turn to useful account the widespread

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managed to have a law passed requiring terminal disin-

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applied with a camel's hair pencil to the diseased surface, has been

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to think of a "cold" as something that enters via the

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served by myself, M. Monod, and the pupils who were present: —

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from cold or temperate to very warm and dry regions. 2. Whatever indi-

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ing as many cvsts full of an inodorous fluid. These cysts all intercom-

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M. Schiff, from his experiments, has also arrived at the condusipn

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Died of hereditary syphilis, under the age of five . • • 1,191

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lunatics are only exceptionally and apparently healthy, although

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inch in length, and containing a finely granular protoplasm.

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disease^ as a warning to him against any operation which is

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through life, contributed materially to the advancement of our science, and to the

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he immediately under the substance subliming, but a little on one side

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this volume show traces of any extensive labour in the study.

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bandage was removed and replaced by a plaster. Soon afterwards, a little

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with what condition of organization is contractility combined,

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of M. Louis, because in the former edition of his work, he had not introduced as

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strikes the attention. The town built on the southern slope of

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justice to the viands placed before them. Families be-

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Mr. Vose Solomon's woric on ' Tension of the Eyeball' is an

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symptoms often subsiding and giving the appearance of a less

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the dead eye, more or less fluid will be found to exist between this cuplike

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Nhen cut into presented granules of concrete pus, and appeared to me to be con-

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