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been no ascites in his cases. Quite recently he had
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Par., 1891, ii, 712-734.— Bull (C. S.) On the removal of
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Bristowe says that in some cases it lasts exactly a week, but perhaps more
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or of notoriety, or of anything but a desire for truth. At the trial of William
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becomes decomposed or mouldy. It also becomes spoiled by the in-
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7. Expression and mental condition. — During the course of the disease
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Modifications of the preceding doctrines have been made by
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times I think we get a fairly good pulse on account of contrac-
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state of general health, with constitutional diseases, fatigue, alcoholism,
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" If the peculiar variety of pneumonia now under consideration,
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to those who are responsible for its conduct, that the Journal should
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form of interstitial hepatitis. The etioln<;ical factors and the rapichty with
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Casi; 41. — J. C, an English saUor, aged 25, was admitted on
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gation, that all the men were in the habit of drinking
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in 1815, and became a full fledged doctor at the age of nineteen
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of the brain mostly contain turbid serum or pus ; the choroid plexuses and
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The following is a chart of various mineral poisons, all of which en-
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prove fatal; that early surgical interference offers the
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termittent, and Remittent P'evers, Saint Vitus' Dance,
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sleepless nights, the discharge from the left nostril was increased, and, between the
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of tracheotomy alone, filled the practitioner with many
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cation now offered, is designed to convey such informa-
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According to Murchison the highest temperature attained at any period of
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apply to the dispensary for assistance at midnight. The child
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differs from neuralgia in the limitation of pain to the affected museles,in
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" Sec. 1. The members of the medical profession, upon whom are
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will now notice the rest of the business— most of it of a highly
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octavo pages, making about six hundred pages per annum.
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he thought it miglit be a case of hyperplasia of the antrum in which vacuolation
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Dysentery. — This is an inflammation of the mucous mem-
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drowning, or from any other cause.' He calls it trac-
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cation becomes more pronounced, it may be a most distressing, almost
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to have been short-lived and his rejection for the Hungarian army,
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had but two cases under my care in which castration
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in the lungs, where it must have been exposed to the air ;
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Throughout this difficult operation, and notwithstanding the enormous tumour filled
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On Wednesday, August 21, the discussion was opened on
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