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Simple Tests to Determine Sources of Pollution. — Sources of pol-

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loins, or by leeches from the region of the pubcs, or from the pudendum ;

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in malarial fevers of moderate intensity ; and in Guada-

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a lady of fifty, who had been a patient of Dr. Quain's and Mr.

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The chief interest in the case lay in the probable par-

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in front, and one inch on the right side. All his functions are apparently healthy,

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immediately emptied and a poultice afterwards applied;

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surfsLces by fibrinous exudation, as weU as commencing adhesions, sur-

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butcher of middle age fell from liis team, and was found

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•of the aflections allied to it, is overuse of the muscles, or working too hard

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tion of impure or septic particles have begotten septic

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corpora quadrigemina and floor of the fourth ventricle,

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shaped fornix, small conical cervix, marked preponder-

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to his avoiding late suppers and wines, yet perhaps it would be

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the formation of glycogen, disturbs the formation of bile, and gives rise to

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flushes in the face, a hot skin, a hard pulse, great thirst and fever, &c. ;

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operations are said to be badly borne by patients with Graves' disease.

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rule be permanently adopted with good results, is the exclusion of starch

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shall be entitled to be admitted to the Degree of Master in

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activity. On the eve of his return he visited the canal at Manchester, and

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ever flight, appear that the kidneys are involved, he should be notified,

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A booklet under this caption was recently published and