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white powder, inodorous, excessively bitter, fusible by heat, but not vol-
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I once daflj. and the bladder shouM be well washed oat with wann
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usually employed, in special reference to this principle of action, are
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gave the mean temperature of 34° 75' Cent. We cannot
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nally it may be employed as an evaporating lotion, applied on a single
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after Food — Frequency of Eating — Quantity of Food— Quality and Con-
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feradiantion should be applied to every organ affected, and the applica-
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are three others, of indigenous growth, which, though less frequently
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powder. The latter is frequently adulterated with potatoe
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and cannot be too much reprobated. In using gelatine, es-
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In general, specific immunization protected significantly, whereas
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employed; and upon the system at hirge, as a tonic and reconstructive!
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porta of this continent, and of Asia. It is abundant in our own Northern
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cines. When given in the form of hot infufiion, in largo draughts, it
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sometimes more in a day. He is readily recognized by his appearance.
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given in the form of decoction, in the dose of a wineglassful, to cause
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preach of flame when it is used. The affinity between it and water is
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1784, no less a number than 2,944 infants, out of 7^650,
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when used in connection with occasional purging. Upon the same
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ful as local than as general stimulants; and their application, as internal
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capable of no other application, it would be an invaluable remedy. Some-
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German physicians, some of whom speak highly in its favour. These
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and breadth of the land— I give a single word as my parting
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dies in our possession. By moderately stimulating the stomach, they
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lowish granules, almost always interspersed w^ith minute fragments of
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opiate plan with mercury should be commenced immediately after a thor-
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Cooke, of Scarboroupch, England, as affording great relief in erysipelas^
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ments of the animal, showing that they were heard. But there was a striking pecu-
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period, restores healthy colour and strength. Indeed, whatever can be
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pernicious effects of this tax must be evident. * The poor are
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in which the nitrate had been found (iseful, in ameliorating pertussis^ J
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ing of the arachnoid, efTused serum, injection of the pia mater, and indu^